Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Little More Show and Tell

Here are a few more pictures of some of the fabulous stitched treasures that were on display at retreat...

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Show and Tell Part One

I took quite a few pictures at The Show and Tell event at retreat. I may end up spreading this out over several posts. There are so many talented needleworkers in our guild; it was so much fun to see all of the beautiful finishes!

This is a Hardanger piece; it was one of the Nordic Needle club pieces. (Two different versions of it...)

The Shepherd's Fold...note that the top of the box was customized; it reminded the stitcher of Vermont!

Betsy Morgan's Toy Box with a couple of extra pieces...

Sampler of Stitches from the Drawn Thread...

A Scottish Sampler from Robin Laukuf...

This little heart was a collaboration between Sharon Cohen and Lauren Sauer...

More tomorrow!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stitching by the Lake

Last week I was in Buffalo, MN for the Needlework Guild of Minnesota's annual retreat. This was my third retreat with NGM and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We had beautiful weather the entire week. The retreat center sits right on the edge of the lake.

Many of the classrooms have a view of the lake. This shot was taken while many stitchers were "asleep in bed while visions of stitching fun danced in their heads!"

I took three classes this time, all with Catherine Theron - the Wee Bunny Box, No Place Like Home Stitchery Book and Bless this Home Sampler. During the sampler class, Catherine drew us some road maps for the inside border.

All I can say is that Catherine is much friendlier than Mrs. Dash; she did not say "recalculating" even once! I look forward to stitching (and hopefully finishing) these three projects during the next year!

We had some fun at this retreat...the theme was Embrace the Pace and so we had a tortoise and the hare thing going on. Her's the hare delivering our secret stitcher gifts on Friday!

Stay favorite part of retreat is the Show and Tell event where members exhibit their finishes during the previous year. Don't worry, I took lots of pictures!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Stitcher's Envelope

Just finished up this set of smalls..

The set was designed by Catherine Theron; it's one of her teaching pieces. Looking forward to seeing her again this week at the Needlework Guild of Minnesota Retreat.

Speaking of retreat, the theme this year is "Embrace the Pace"...a tortoise and the hare kind of theme. Here's my name tag for the event:

Going to hit the road now. Will try to post from retreat. Looking forward to the show and tell!

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ukrainian Whitework

Our local EGA guild offered some classes this weekend with Terri Bay. Terri is an accomplished needleworker and designs Ukrainian Whitework patterns. Her charts are very detailed and easy to follow. I really like Ukrainian Whitework!

Here's my finished stitching...the design is called Ukrainian Star Ornament.

Now I just need to do the finishing!

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Lady's Worke Box

My mother commented this morning that I haven't updated my blog for awhile. Decided I better get busy and post something!

I'm excited to share these photos with you. I took the Lady's Worke Box class with Ellen Chester back in 2012. I was pretty diligent about finishing the stitching and soon after, I finished the smalls. Despite the excellent instructions provided by Ellen, I just couldn't bring myself to finish the box. I asked Tricia, the finisher from Crosse Stitchery in LaCrosse, WI if she would finish it and voila! It's all finished now!

The front of the box:

The inside of the box (finished in silk; note the pockets):

The top of the box could be reversed if you wanted the stitching on the outside:

The entire set:

Love it! Thanks Tricia for sharing your awesome finishing talents with me!

This morning I picked green beans from the garden. There are more out there waiting to be picked! I love fresh green beans!

Here's what I'm working on these days. It's A Stitcher's Pocket from Catherine Theron.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Monday, July 07, 2014

The Unplayed Piano Etui

Last November I was fortunate to travel to the Attic for the weekend with Jackie du Plessis. I took two of her classes, Attic Sampler of Dreams and The Unplayed Piano Etui. I finished Attic Sampler of Dreams some time ago. This past weekend I finished the piano.

I tend to be very critical of my finishing; always finding something that I could have done better. Regardless of the slight imperfections, I am thrilled with my finish. It was a challenge to put together. Thank you Jackie for providing me with an opportunity to go outside of my comfort zone!

The music on the front of the piano is a piece of scrimshaw; a threadwinder! The two gold circles on either side of it are magnetic needle minders.

Surprise! The piano opens up to reveal a keyboard also made from scrimshaw. Under the keyboard is a little tray with room for needles or maybe a bodkin. Behind the keyboard there is space for a pincushion or a ball of thread and a scissors!

Here's a final look at it. I think it's amazing!

Thank you for your visits and for your kind comments!

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